Respiratory Function Laboratory

The function of the lungs and the way that oxygen is delivered to the blood stream is affected by most respiratory disorders. Assessment of the function of the lungs forms an integral part of the overall understanding of any respiratory disorder.

Our respiratory function laboratory is conveniently located in the consulting rooms at 28 Derby Street, Kingswood. Tests for lung and airway function are performed with modern equipment in accordance to the internationally recognised American Thoracic Society standards.

Respiratory function laboratory

Our respiratory function laboratory can cater for:

  • Complex lung function: consists of spirometry with and without bronchodilators, lung volumes and diffusion capacity (Gas transfer).  This is a battery of tests designed to evaluate the function of the entire respiratory system.   The testing takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
  • Spirometry with and without bronchodilator. This is a useful test to assess airway function and is routinely performed as part of the complex lung function test.
  • Bronchoprovocation testing: This is a diagnostic test used for the confirmation of airways hyper-responsiveness.  Frequently this test is used in cases where Asthma needs to be excluded for candidates applying for the armed services or police force.
  • Overnight oximetry: This is an overnight test that takes place at home and continuously monitors the amount of oxygen that is in the blood.  It is a useful test to evaluate the efficiency of supplemental oxygen.
  • Six-minute walk test: measures the distance a patient can walk in a period of 6 minutes. It assesses the maximal level of functional capacity.
  • FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide): can give a quantitative measure of airway inflammation to help identify, treat and manage steroid-responsive patients.


A referral from your specialist or general practitioner is required for lung function testing.


To make a direct referral to the Respiratory Function Laboratory please visit the referral page and download and complete the referral form and return by fax (+61247225386) or email


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