Sleep Laboratory

Sleep lab panorama 1There is an increasing understanding and recognition of the need for healthy sleep.  Sleep conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnoea has been increasingly linked to other serious medical disorders like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  Furthermore, there is increasing recognition that poor sleep quality can seriously affect the way we perform our every day jobs like driving and operation of heavy machinery…

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Respiratory Function Laboratory

Eclektic_20130701_0212The function of the lungs and the way that oxygen is delivered to the blood stream is affected by most respiratory disorders. Assessment of the function of the lungs forms an integral part of the overall understanding of any respiratory disorder.

Our respiratory function laboratory is conveniently located in the consulting rooms at Barber Avenue.  Tests for lung and airway function are performed with modern equipment in accordance to the internationally recognised American Thoracic Society standards…

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Home Sleep Testing

A Home Diagnostic Sleep Study is by necessity a less comprehensive test compared to a laboratory based supervised Sleep Study but the benefit of a Home Test is that it can be performed in the setting of familiar surroundings.

It is our view that care should be taken to ensure that best diagnostic test is performed for our patients.  As per the published American Academy Of Sleep Medicine Guidelines (Collop et al, JCSM 2007), it is recommended that a home sleep study is used as part of a comprehensive sleep evaluation in patients who do not have moderate to severe pulmonary disease, neuromuscular disease or congestive cardiac failure…

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