How to prepare for a lung function test

To prepare for your lung function test, please ensure:

  • no smoking one hour prior to testing (ideally 24 hours)
  • no caffeine on the day of the test
  • no vigorous exercise up to 4 hours prior to the test
  • no thoracic, abdominal or eye surgery in the last 4 weeks (please confirm with laboratory staff for specific wait times)

Please withhold the following medications prior to your test:

  • No short acting bronchodilators 6 hours prior to your test (Ventolin, Bricanyl and Atrovent)
  • No long acting bronchodilators 24 hours prior to your test (Flixotide, Pulmicort, Alvesco, Flutiform, Serevent, Seretide, Oxis and Symbicort)
  • No Onbrez, Spiriva, Spiolto Seebri, Bretaris, Brimica, Trelegy Ultibro, Breo, Anoro, Incruse or Singulair up to 36 hours prior to your test
  • No nasal drops or sprays on the day of your test

If you are undergoing a Bronchoprovocation Challenge, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test and Skin Prick Test, an information sheet will be provided when you book your appointment. This will include detailed instructions, medication withholding periods and information on the test procedure.